Country Hotels

One of the biggest spectacles in the country around this time of the year is the blooming of the flowers. The flowers stretch from the West Coast, all the way until Namibia. The bulk of the flowers bloom within the Namaqualand region. 

Each year, thousands of people visit the Namaqualand region to view the assortment of flowers on display. The Namaqualand Flower Festival is an annual event held to place the spectacular flower blooming front and centre, for all to see. 

The Namaqualand Flower Festival is fun for the whole family. With live performers (Of the signing and dancing variety), food to die for, trails that fall between some of the most beautiful fauna you have ever witnessed and an all-around environment filled with merriment, the Namaqualand Flower Festival is a must! 

Why not make your way towards where the flowers bloom this August? Venture along the flower populated path, all the way from the West Coast to the Namibian border, or vice versa. Rest assured that there is a Country Hotels venue, all along the route, ready to welcome you with open arms.

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